Strategic Plan


Mission: Berowra FC mission is to be is an inclusive, modern, forward thinking, football club. Providing a positive, supportive and family friendly football environment; committed in the development of
players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers. We are committed to providing high quality facilities and the promotion of sport in our community through the participation in Football.

Vision Statement: A leader in the North Shore Football community with a growing reputation for flexible and innovative player development.

Values: The Berowra Football Club values underpin everything we do


Working together to achieve
mutually beneficial outcomes
Recognise club members are
different with different needs
& expectations. Respect team
mates, opposition players,
coaches and officials
Encourages the broadest
possible community, family
and individual participation.
Be open in communication
Professionalism in behaviour,
performance and club
Participation for all, providing
flexible and innovative
football development
programs for players,
coaches, officials,
administrators & volunteers

Key Strategic Challenges

  • Maintaining a family friendly football environment whilst providing a development program to produce the best footballers
  • Maintaining ‘value for money’ club participation in an increasingly competitive market
  • Attraction, development, retention and recognition strategy for players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers (Men & Women Seniors and Juniors)
  • Implementing simplified and transparent governance systems and processes to increase information, responsiveness and decision making
  • Identifying and securing new revenue streams, funding sources and growth & partnership opportunities

Key Objectives

People Creation of an inclusive club with clear leadership and qualified personnel – right match between people, skills and roles
Football Programs Flexible and innovative development programs for all
levels of players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteer
Community Maximise opportunities for Berowra FC to be a ‘community club’ through football activities
Financial Financial strength and growth whilst retaining value for money for its members.
Infrastructure Access to quality and fit for purpose facilities for each form and level of Football.
Administration Role clarity; supported by tools, processes and systems for ongoing club management.

Football Playing Style – “The Berowra Way”

Our aim is for all Senior teams, Men and Women and all top level junior teams play the same style of football. This allows an easy transition from junior football to our senior teams.

All teams whatever level are encouraged to play the “Berowra Way”.

It is our stated aim to have our senior teams filled with players who have been through our junior development programs.

All players in the club are encouraged to be masters of football, have the ability to beat their opponent, understand excellent positional play, and develop an excellent first touch. This begins at U6 and does not stop.


At Berowra Football Club, we will play with a proactive attacking and entertaining style of play, from a starting 1,4,3,3 formation. We will play an effective and efficient possession based game using a structured build-up when appropriate, but using the fast counter attack when available.

We will look to create goal scoring opportunities through creative individual skill or by inventive combination play.

Defensively, our priority is to win the ball back as high up the field as possible by collective pressing and take advantage of a disorganised opponent. If this is not possible we will look to direct the opponents play is such a way as to make it predictable.

This style is underpinned by highly intelligent players with a strong, proud, positive, winning mentality