Are you a Coach or Manager in 2019?

Are you a Coach or Manager in 2019?

Are you going to coach or manage a kids team this year?

You need to do the following before the season starts, so that you are eligible. You can only collect your team kit bag if you have completed these steps – all people need to do these steps if they are coaching or managing.

1. Apply for your WWC check online

2. Go to your local Service NSW office and complete the process in person. This is free for Volunteers. In a week or so you will receive your WWC number by email (check your spam account).

3. Email the following details to our registrar at as soon as you can.
> your full name
> your date of birth
> your WWC number
> the team you are coaching or managing (ie u09 mixed scorpions)

4. Register as a volunteer online at

Important note …
Both coach and manager need to have done this in order to be eligible to volunteer for our club, and in order to collect your teams kit bag at the coaches and managers night in March (date/time TBC).

If you already have a WWC number, go to step 3 to complete the process. WWC numbers are valid for 5 years.